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“DNOW” stands for Disciple Now.

Discipleship is the primary focus of DNOW and is achieved through small group Bible studies that encourage students to go deeper in their spiritual knowledge, and through large group sessions where the speaker presents God’s Word in a manner relevant to students so that they can put it into perspective and apply it to their lives.

What is DNOW?

Disciple Now is a weekend-long event for students designed to help middle school and high school students connect with God and grow in their relationship with Him. It begins on Friday evening and wraps up with Sunday morning church service. DNOW is an opportunity for students to: leave the distractions of everyday life behind; spend quality time with other like‐minded students; and develop and grow their relationship with Jesus Christ.

In the small group setting, students are grouped with others of the same age and gender. During small group time, students attend Bible study sessions based on the theme of the event. In the large group sessions, students attend worship services, led by a worship leader and conference speaker, and participate in other mission‐based or free‐time activities.

Small group sessions are made possible by families within the church who agree to open their homes to students for the weekend. Students spend Friday and Saturday nights at the host home. Each home has at least two mature young adults or college students who lead Bible study sessions and serve as a mentor to students assigned there.

When is DNOW?  What is the cost?

DNOW Weekend begins on Friday, November 18 in the St. Luke Ministry Center and ends following Sunday School on Sunday, November 20. $85. Covers all sessions, DNOW shirt, and all meals. If there is a case that you need assistance with the cost, please let me know.

What is a Host Home?
Who will be leading my child in small groups?

Host Homes are where students stay during DNOW weekend. Our hosts are people within our church that love Jesus and love students! Our group leaders are college students and young adults who are experienced in guiding students during weekends like DNOW.

Some hosts and leaders are St. Luke staff members, some are parents of students, and some serve regularly with our student ministry. ALL of our hosts and leaders are known individuals that we trust to invest in the lives of students.

***Every host and leader for DNOW is Safe Sanctuary trained.

Who will be in my child’s group during DNOW?

Students are placed in host home groups based on their grade and gender.

What if my student has a game/practice/performance that weekend…can they still come?

YES!  We have permission to come/go cards that you can fill out and return to the student ministry office. Students can leave when they need to go and return when they are done with their activity. We would prefer that students are present the entire time. However, we want every student to be at whatever part of the weekend they can!

What do I need to do to sign up?

To register you will need to do two things:

1. Register online (

2. Submit your payment for the weekend.

How can our church help?

One of DNOW’s strongest points is the way it draws upon and unites the entire church by using people to contact students, serve on volunteer teams, provide meals, host groups in their homes, and pray for students.  In short, DNOW weekends are successful not just because of catchy-theme or magnetic leaders, but because of committed people who support the endeavor!  Will you?

D‐Now Weekend is an amazing opportunity for the church family to come together and provide an awesome environment that encourages students to grow deeper in their relationship with Christ.

For more information on how you can support St. Luke’s upcoming DNOW weekend, please contact a member of the Student Ministry team (Derek Hay, Joslyn Reyes, or Peggy Stanley) OR email

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