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We are looking forward to an incredible summer of fun, ministry and discipleship!  We want to INVITE your student to join us on our summer trip to Souled Out Summer! 


*Souled Out Summer is held at beautiful Laguna Beach Christian Retreat on Panama City Beach, FL. Laguna Beach is on the west end of the beach and is miles away from any questionable places on the beach.  It is all by itself and promotes a very family-friendly, Christian atmosphere!


*The dates for Souled Out Summer are June 7-11!  We leave on CHARTER BUSES at 9 A.M. Eastern Time from The Corner on Monday, June 7th!  We leave for home at 9 A.M. Central Time Friday morning after breakfast!  We arrive home at 4 P.M. Eastern Time.

*Everyday your student will be in a small group of 10 students and 2 college students.  These are age and gender specific small groups.  They will discuss quiet times each morning and the message each night!

*Why Souled Out Summer? 

The atmosphere at Souled Out is passionate, all in worship and bible study.  We do not feel we can get started too early with training our students to be ALL ABOUT our Savior.  Imagine a room full of 600 Middle and High School Students raising their hands and lifting up the Name of Christ!  Souled Out is Life-Changing and essential for the Spiritual game plan of The Corner Student Ministry.  In fact, for most of the 18 to 20 churches that come each year it is the Highlight of their Summer!

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