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Global Missions

The Corner High School Foreign Mission Trips

When Covid 19 settles down we plan to continue our trips overseas and to Ensenada, Mexico!  We believe God has blessed us so that we can be a blessing to others!  In 2019 we went to Yugo Ministries and built a house and did VBS!  It was awesome and we plan to go back when we are allowed to resume missions abroad!


Out of State Missions within the continental U. S. are important to us as well!  We have been to New York City twice and served in the Bowery Mission as well as assisted New City Church with Evangelsim and Outreach!  

Local Mission Projects

We have been called as followers of Christ to Serve Love to our city!  We understand that the church is Christ's expression of Himself to the world!  We work at local food banks, inner city schools, homeless resource networks, etc.  We actively serve in our city as a part of our discipleship strategy!  Small groups are encouraged to serve together and are given multiple opportunities to serve!

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